Monday, 10 November 2014

GIFT IDEA MONDAY - Biscuit Themed Cushions

So that time of year is approaching again... yes, Christmas! Do you have a friend or a loved one who adores their biscuits? Loves to bake? The biscuit illustrations I made a few months ago are availiable on a range of cushions that would look great in any room!

This lumbar throw cushion features my chocolate bourbon biscuit illustration fully across the cushion to recreate the biscuit in cushion form!

This throw cushion features my Jammie Dodger Illustration on a background of blue. The colour scheme of beige, red and blue gives this cushion a vintage / kitsch feel. 

This cute throw cushion features a larger pattern of my jammie dodger illustration on a background of neutral white.

This cushion features the yellow and pink party ring biscuit on a background of pastel lavender.
This funky and vibrant throw cushion feature my yellow and pink party ring illustration on a background of pale blue. The colour scheme lends itself to a kitsch kitchen. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Stop Motion Video: The Making of the 'Infinity' Illustration

Here's a little stop motion video I put together that roughly shows the process and stages that I go through when colouring my work. I used pastel, pencil and paint all together in my work. I usually use the pastel for a base, the pencil for the detailed shading and the paint for the highlights.

I hope you enjoyed this little video and if I get a good response I'll make another for my next illustration! I know it skips quite a few steps, and next time I am going to take more photographs so it will be more indepth! 

'Infinity': New finished Illustration

So here is the illustration that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. I decided to go with a space/galaxy theme as I am really drawn to the colours and wanted to create an unearthly ethereal piece.

I went with ombre pink and mint green hair. Pastel hair will always be a hair envy for me as I know my hair would never stand the constant bleaching. So I will have to cope with that by allowing my girls it and revel in all their pastel shade glory. I also added a few pink freckles in there (because who doesn't have a weakness for freckles?!).

For this piece I also took pictures throughout the whole colouring process so that you can see how I approach my illustration process. The link will be HERE when I have uploaded the video.

This illustration will also be on my Society6, where you will be able to purchase prints, mugs, cushions etc. The link is HERE.

Monday, 18 August 2014

New Illustration WIP: Stars, Galaxys, Nebulas

I'm working on a new piece of work this week, one that has been on my mind for a while. The theme is space and I am inspired by the beautiful nebula clouds images that you see of space. Here's a sneaky work in progress shot:

I have also gone back to my enlarged heads/doll like features for this one. Whilst I've enjoyed doing more realistic proportions for the Disney fanart, I want to go back to drawing my big-eyed beauties.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Disney Themed Illustration: Snow White

She's finished! Here's the next illustration in the Disney series. I chose to draw Snow White as she has such a classic look and I was looking forward to seeing how far I could take her look but still make her recognisable as Disney's Snow White.

I also experimented with a new hair technique in this one where I block coloured her black bob, and I really love the stark look. This makes me want to experiment with ink in my drawings in the future!

The original Snow White illustration should be up on Etsy within the week,  just have to wait for good weather to photograph her. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Floral Monogrammed Cushions on Zazzle

From my vintage peony floral series I have made a range of customisable monogram cushions. So far these have been doing well and I thought I would spread the word. These floral monogram cushions would make great personalised gifts or buy a few to spell out your favourite words on your bed or sofa!


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Disney Themed Illustration: Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Here is the next illustration in my Disney fanart series. I chose to draw Ariel from The Little Mermaid as she has such a strong recognisable visual aesthetic and it was very clear in my mind what I wanted to do with her.
The red hair was especially fun to draw, as it's been a while since I've draw brightly coloured hair. The little details that I added to this piece to tie it in closer The Little Mermaid include her Dinglehopper, a 'Part of Your World' tattoo, a seaweed lace top and starfish ring.
This original piece will be available on Etsy as soon as it gets sunny enough her to photograph anything! I'll update this post when it's for sale!

Friday, 4 July 2014

NEW ETSY PRODUCT: Bumblebee 'You're the Bee's Knees' Greetings Card

Wow! It seems like forever ago I drew the Bombus Terrestris (Bumblebee) Card Design, infact it was all the way back in February last year! But now I'm finally in a place where I am starting my illustration business and I can make the products that these illustrations are destined for.

After literally hours of trying to get my printer to cooperate and print on the card blanks I finally managed to hold some beautiful cards! The card has been printed on 250gsm card which has a lovely soft tactile quality and comes with a matching white envelope.

NEW ETSY PRODUCT: Framed Original Ladybird Illustration

I have just put a new listing up onto Etsy and it's the original illustration of the Ladybird I drew a few days ago. It's been float mounted on top of neutral brown paper so it looks like a piece from an entomology collection. It's been framed inside a white IKEA Ribba box frame with the PH neutral mount included.

I really love the finished look to this and when I draw some more insects I will most likely treat them in the same way! Imagine a whole wall of these!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

New Ladybird Illustration

Da-Ta! Here's my new ladybird illustration. I've had a project in the back of my mind for a while now and just needed to get it down on paper so I can empty out my 'ideas tank' a little. I'm going to be putting this ladybird design on Zazzle and trying to make coasters from them. Yay!
I have always had a passion for insects and there are so many of them I want to draw!!!

I'll be posting my progress shots of my coasters on my instagram: @natashahuttonart 

Friday, 27 June 2014

Belle is now on Etsy!

The original Belle illustration is now on my Etsy shop! Here is the link: BUY HERE

The shop is sparse at the moment as I have only just finished revamping and re-writing all the copy. More products will be added throughout the week and I'll update their arrive through my social media! 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Disney Themed Illustration : Belle from Beauty and the Beast

I've finished my first Disney themed illustration! I've always wanted to draw my favourite Disney characters in my style and I chose to start with Belle as she is my all time favourite Disney princess. As always this illustration is made with pastel and pencil, with white paint for highlights.

I have also spent the day photographing her so I can list her on my Etsy page. I will put a post up on all my social media (links on the right) when she is up as there will only be one original for sale!

Who is your favourite Disney character and who would you like to see me draw next?

EDIT (27/06/14) This piece is now available in my Etsy shop! BUY HERE

Friday, 20 June 2014

New Disney Themed Illustration

So I've started a project that I have always wanted to do, and that is drawing Disney characters in my own style. For this project I do not want to draw them like they are in their films, I want to give them a modern interpretation.

The first character I am going to draw is Belle, from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. She has always been my favourite character, probably because she is the most similar personality wise to myself out of all the Disney cast. So for now I'm going to leave you with a work in progress image, enjoy!

Characters copyright Disney
Belle from Beauty and the Beast© Disney

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Peony Floral Pattern

I have spent today working with my peony floral pattern to create more of a collection. I wanted to add variety with my colours so that the design appeals to a range of customers. The four colour schemes are:

- Antique Neutral: Taupe, Grey and Oyster feature in this colour scheme. This colour palette makes the design adaptable to existing colour schemes within the home. It also has a period home feel to it as well.

- Country Cream: Pink, Cream and Blue. This colour scheme appeals to customers who are looking for ways to bring 'Cottage Style' into their own homes. This is quite a feminine colour way and so would look lovely in a girl's bedroom.

- Flamingo Lagoon: Hot Pink, Orange and Turquoise. The colour scheme is for people who love bright and bold hues. These colours look great in a room where the backdrop is neutral (such as white, grey and black) and accessories with these hues are used to draw the eye and add zingy freshness.

- Lemon and Blueberry Pie: Grey, Navy Blue and Yellow. This colour scheme is easy going on the eye yet is an easy way to add colour to a room. The yellow is fresh and bright but the Navy Blue adds maturity.

All of these colour ways should be available in my Zazzle Shop by the end of the week: LINK

Monday, 26 May 2014

New Vintage Lace Floral Pattern

I have just finished designing a new floral pattern to sell on lots of different products. I have taken inspiration from vintage textiles and have added a little bit of lace in there for that extra girly touch. I used my peony illustration and changed the colours to a pink and cream colour scheme.

It should be up in my shop in the next few days: LINK

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Bumble Bee Cushions and Mugs

I've been working a lot on my Zazzle store and so far it I've been really enjoying it. I have started a new series that feature my bumblebee motif. The bee is on cushions, mugs, keyrings, tea towels and even men's ties! This realistic, almost scientific, bumble bee illustration would be fit to display your belief in saving the bees. These illustrated homewares would also make a brilliant gift to a worker bee friend or nature loving family member. Here are a selection of my favourites:

These cushions are made from high quality 100% polyester that are soft and wrinkle free. They come in several square sizes and lumbar cushions sizes. 

The classic white mug is a staple of any kitchen, and I love how cute the bee motifs look on this cup! The mug comes in 325ml and 444ml sizes and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Brighten up any kitchen with a set of custom tea towels. Made of durable poly blend, these towels are great for drying up and will look vibrant with your text or artwork. Machine washable, these tea towels have plenty of drying power in them.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Iced Gem Biscuit Themed Homeware and Accessories

I have recently opened a Zazzle store to experiment with how well my illustration works on objects and generally get more of my work available to sell on the internet. It'll be a good way to see how my work is received and it'll be a useful tool to show potential investors what my work will look like on products.

I have so far uploaded bits and pieces from each of the biscuit drawings I have completed. My favourite so far is the Iced Gem patterns I have made. The pattern is so girly and has a vintage shabby chic feel to it. So far the pattern has bee applied to throw cushions, phone cases, notebooks and even a candy jar! Here is a small selection of what's on offer:

Moving House and Iced Gem Illustration

So I have moved house and just finished a new biscuit illustration. 

I have moved from Wales back to my home county of Somerset. It does feel like I have moved back home! It took a week and a bit to unpack, get the internet connected and have a birthday party! So it's been pretty eventful this pack fortnight.

I've moved onto my next illustration in the Biscuit Series. I have chosen to draw an Iced Gem as I have fond childhood memories of these biscuits! I remember that I would pick off all the icing parts off of the top, eat the biscuit and then save the lush crunchy sweet icing till last! If I have time during this series I will do the different coloured Iced Gems by hand.... if not I might digitally colour them. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Party Ring Biscuit Pattern

Another new range is now on my Society6 store here: LINK
Society6 is doing the FREE worldwide shipping today!

For this range I used my drawing of the Party Ring biscuits and then added a fresh blue background to make the biscuits 'pop'. The repeat pattern is available for mugs, totes, cushions, prints, and ipad cases to name but a few.

I feel like this range has a kitsch feel to it, and would fit in a 1950's inspired home quite well. Especially if you were going down the duck egg blue colour scheme with hints of lemon!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Jammie Dodger Biscuit Homeware, Mugs and Cushions now Available!

I have just updated my Society6 page with a range of new Jammie Dodger themed homeware and accessories including mugs, cushions, clocks and ipad cases! It is also free worldwide shipping on the website today!

Jammie Dodger Biscuit Illustration

So I have finished another drawing for the 'Biscuit Series'. The biscuit I chose to draw was the Jammie Dodger! Yum Yum!

I'll be starting the next biscuit today. If you like to watch artwork in progress I have an instagram (natashahuttonart) where I post my work in progress. All of my biscuits will be uploaded to Society6 where they will be available as cushions and the like! 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Party Ring Illustration - Biscuit Series

Party Ring, April 2014
Pencil, pastel and oil.

So I have started my biscuit series! I have started off with this particular biscuit as I have fond childhood memories of them. It wasn't really a 90's children's birthday party without them! I remember when I was little I liked to lick the hard icing off first and then quickly scoff the rest of the biscuit... or if I could get away with it just eat the icing.

I'll be drawing a selection of biscuits first and then using the illustrations to make items to sell in my Etsy shop!

Estelle- Baroque Inspired Girl

Estelle, April 2014.
Pencil, Pastel and Gouache. 

Here's the finished Baroque inspired girl, her name is Estelle. This has been uploaded to my Society6 page where you can purchase prints, cushions, phone cases etc. I have all manner of illustrated gifts there now! The original piece of this will also be for sale of Etsy in the next day or so, and I'll post an announcement when that happens!

I have now officially started my Illustration business, so I time to draw and create every single day! There is so much planned for the months ahead, so if you want to keep updated either follow me on here or any of my other Social Media. All the links are on the side of this blog.

My next project is going to be a Biscuit Series. I want to create something that has a strong collection energy, and that suits my illustrative style. I've chosen biscuits as they can be adapted into a who range of gifts, stationary and homeware! Exciting times I know!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Baroque Inspired!!!

I finally have time to start my illustration work! I've had a piece that has been bouncing around in my head for a while, so it'll be the first one I draw to ease me back into drawing and get it out of my system. It'll include:

- My obsession with pastel hair.
- An overall pastel theme.
- Lavender eyelashes.
- Diamonds and pearls.

Here is where I am currently up to:

I update regularly on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All the links should be down the side of the blog! 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Range of Illustrated Mugs

Just a post to explain that my Society6 account has a range of mugs with my artwork on them. Here are some examples:

Here's a link through to my Society6 profile where there will be FREE shipping and $5 off all products till midnight pacific time March 9th. Enjoy!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Poppy Wall Clock

Just letting you all know that my Society6 page sells Wall Clocks, one of them being this lovely Poppy wall clock!

This wall clock is available with the choice of either a white, natural or black frame, and a choice of either black or white hands. Best of all there's free shipping and $5 off each item in my shop until March 9th!!! Just use this link to get to my shop, and the discount will be applied when you check out :

Monday, 24 February 2014

Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly Illustration

Hello! A long time and no posting I know!

Its been a very stressful and busy time for me for the past six months, but events have unfolded recently that means I'll have a bit of time on my hands to draw again.

I chose to draw a bright and colourful butterfly, the Cloudless Sulphur, because it is something I have wanted to do for a while now. I have a small collection of real taxidermy butterflies, and I wanted to recreate that through my illustration.

The actual illustration was made with colouring pencils on neutral paper. 

I then used an Ikea RIBBA box frame in white and suspended the illustration away from the paper. This particular piece is for sale, so feel free to email me or PM me on facebook for more information. In the future I'll be making prints of this butterfly to put into more box frames!