Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Chalkboard Commission - Figgins

There is just something about black and gold that has always just sat right with me and when Sarah from Figgins asked me to re-do their chalkboard I thought gold would be a perfect fit.

Their shop is on a small road in Frome called King Street. It's off the main high street, so it is very important for the board to instantly catch the eyes of passer-bys!

So here is the finished board:

This sign has been out for a couple of weeks now and can be found at the end of King Street. I really enjoyed working on this particular board, I was given complete creative freedom and loved being able to do a bit of illustration as well.

Thinking of getting your own chalkboard signage for a shop or restaurant? Or have a special event coming up? Feel free to get in contact for a chat.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Commission - The Wedding Emporium Little Pad of Dreams

I went to a lovely networking event this evening that was hosted by the amazing and beautiful duo over at The Wedding Emporium. They held a wonderful event in which us wedding suppliers can meet other local suppliers. I learnt ALOT this evening and met some lovely new people.

Picture by Mervyn from Taking Pictures 

Meghan and Gemma also commissioned me to illustrate the front cover of their guest book. I used a mixture of pencil, pastel and posca pen on a black paper.

The book went down well, and thanks to some gorgeous glitter washi tape and circles we all added our own quotes of what motivated us to do what we do!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Chalkboard Commission - The Market Cross Cafe, Frome

Whilst doing the chalkboard for Postscript I was seen by the lovely Kay from The Market Cross Cafe. She commissioned me there and then to create a chalkboard for a promotional event that was going to run during the monthly Frome Independent Market.

Here is the finished result!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Red Rose Illustration


After a long hiatus I am back to drawing again! It's been a difficult few months; I've moved house again, and had two part time jobs. But now my schedule has calmed down and I have a routine in place, which means I can get back to work!

I have drawn a simple rose that I am going to use for my Zazzle store, and for motifs on a few different Valentine card designs.

January 2015. Coloured Pencil on Paper.

This was a nice piece to easy myself back into drawing again, and get reacquainted with my scanner and editing software, Now I'm just looking forward to having a play around with it and seeing what I can do! 

I post regularly on Instagram with what I am upto and Facebook, both links are on the sidebar. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

GIFT IDEA MONDAY - Biscuit Themed Cushions

So that time of year is approaching again... yes, Christmas! Do you have a friend or a loved one who adores their biscuits? Loves to bake? The biscuit illustrations I made a few months ago are availiable on a range of cushions that would look great in any room!

This lumbar throw cushion features my chocolate bourbon biscuit illustration fully across the cushion to recreate the biscuit in cushion form!

This throw cushion features my Jammie Dodger Illustration on a background of blue. The colour scheme of beige, red and blue gives this cushion a vintage / kitsch feel. 

This cute throw cushion features a larger pattern of my jammie dodger illustration on a background of neutral white.

This cushion features the yellow and pink party ring biscuit on a background of pastel lavender.
This funky and vibrant throw cushion feature my yellow and pink party ring illustration on a background of pale blue. The colour scheme lends itself to a kitsch kitchen. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Stop Motion Video: The Making of the 'Infinity' Illustration

Here's a little stop motion video I put together that roughly shows the process and stages that I go through when colouring my work. I used pastel, pencil and paint all together in my work. I usually use the pastel for a base, the pencil for the detailed shading and the paint for the highlights.

I hope you enjoyed this little video and if I get a good response I'll make another for my next illustration! I know it skips quite a few steps, and next time I am going to take more photographs so it will be more indepth! 

'Infinity': New finished Illustration

So here is the illustration that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. I decided to go with a space/galaxy theme as I am really drawn to the colours and wanted to create an unearthly ethereal piece.

I went with ombre pink and mint green hair. Pastel hair will always be a hair envy for me as I know my hair would never stand the constant bleaching. So I will have to cope with that by allowing my girls it and revel in all their pastel shade glory. I also added a few pink freckles in there (because who doesn't have a weakness for freckles?!).

For this piece I also took pictures throughout the whole colouring process so that you can see how I approach my illustration process. The link will be HERE when I have uploaded the video.

This illustration will also be on my Society6, where you will be able to purchase prints, mugs, cushions etc. The link is HERE.