Thursday, 29 May 2014

Peony Floral Pattern

I have spent today working with my peony floral pattern to create more of a collection. I wanted to add variety with my colours so that the design appeals to a range of customers. The four colour schemes are:

- Antique Neutral: Taupe, Grey and Oyster feature in this colour scheme. This colour palette makes the design adaptable to existing colour schemes within the home. It also has a period home feel to it as well.

- Country Cream: Pink, Cream and Blue. This colour scheme appeals to customers who are looking for ways to bring 'Cottage Style' into their own homes. This is quite a feminine colour way and so would look lovely in a girl's bedroom.

- Flamingo Lagoon: Hot Pink, Orange and Turquoise. The colour scheme is for people who love bright and bold hues. These colours look great in a room where the backdrop is neutral (such as white, grey and black) and accessories with these hues are used to draw the eye and add zingy freshness.

- Lemon and Blueberry Pie: Grey, Navy Blue and Yellow. This colour scheme is easy going on the eye yet is an easy way to add colour to a room. The yellow is fresh and bright but the Navy Blue adds maturity.

All of these colour ways should be available in my Zazzle Shop by the end of the week: LINK

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