Thursday, 8 May 2014

Moving House and Iced Gem Illustration

So I have moved house and just finished a new biscuit illustration. 

I have moved from Wales back to my home county of Somerset. It does feel like I have moved back home! It took a week and a bit to unpack, get the internet connected and have a birthday party! So it's been pretty eventful this pack fortnight.

I've moved onto my next illustration in the Biscuit Series. I have chosen to draw an Iced Gem as I have fond childhood memories of these biscuits! I remember that I would pick off all the icing parts off of the top, eat the biscuit and then save the lush crunchy sweet icing till last! If I have time during this series I will do the different coloured Iced Gems by hand.... if not I might digitally colour them. 

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