Sunday, 22 May 2011


White Metal Tiger

Part of the Wu Xing series of five images, each one depicting the Chinese movements. This one being Metal.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Wu Xing- Development work for Metal

This is what I am upto at the moment, this is a work in progress of the 'Metal' movement of the Chinese Wu Xing. Its turning out good so long as I don't spill hot chocolate on it I'll be fine!
Colouring pencils and pastel on grey paper

Monday, 16 May 2011

Wu Xing Sketches

Sorry this blog has been lacking in posts recently, I have been working really hard for my final major project. But I have 5 minutes spare to show you what I've been upto. My final major project is on Wu Xing, the Chinese movements..or elements as we would call them in the Western world. There are five all together; Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal and Water. I'm doing an image for each. Each of the movements have their own things associated with them and I have have tried to include that in each image.

These are almost finished sketches:

Metal- Its heavenly creature is the White Tiger.
Water- Its heavenly creature is the Black Tortoise, which is a tortoise and a snake riding its back.
Fire- Its heavenly creature is the Vermillon Bird.

Two more to do this evening. PHEW. Alot of work and research have gone into this project so hopefully the finals will come out how I want them to!!!!
If you want to know more about Wu XIng I would highly suggest you google it, it is an extremely interesting topic.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE) 2011

So I was at BABE (If you don't know what BABE is I highly suggest you google it :D) this weekend on Saturday to sell some of my work that was at the event for both the Saturday and the Sunday. I had a really good time and I even managed to sell some of my work! I won't know the exact figures till tomorrow, but it has made me extremely happy to know that complete strangers like my work.

For BABE I decided to make necklaces with my illustrations in them. These took forever to make, and a lot of trial and error went into them. I even made the boxes entirely by hand and the velvet cushions on which they were presented. I also decided to put together some 'goodie bags' that contained one high quality 8 x 10 photographic print of 'Prepubescent', a postcard of 'Zara' and a keyring with one of either 'Prepubescent' or 'Zara'.

Photograph by Alistair Nimmo

I had such a good time whilst I was there, and all the work that was at BABE was gorgeous. I definitely want to do it again in two years time, so I'll have to get the cogs turning for what I'll want to make in two years time :)