Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bumblebee - Bombus Terrestris

Just a little sneak peak into a card I am making at the moment. I've always wanted to do more insect and botanical illustration, so I'm including bits and pieces in my work from now on. So this will a card with a bumblebee included within the design (the rest will be a surprise!).

I've enjoyed researching into bumblebees, especially when you have to type bombus (the scientific name for the bumblebee family) into search engines and giggle every time. And they are so cute!!!

I also am making more of an effort to update my twitter feed with little bits and bobs. The link to my twitter  is on the side of this blog if you would like to follow me! I'm also on facebook (and a bit more interactive on that), so if you would like to follow me on that here's the link: FACEBOOK

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