Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bombus Terrestris (Bumblebee) Card Design

Just finished the bee illustration that I have been working on. I LOVED drawing the bee's hair, it was so much fun and such an amazing texture.

So my plans for this illustration is to turn it into a card for my Etsy shop (one of many card that I have ideas for). The theme will my take on 'You're The Bee's Knees', and there's a few more bits and pieces that I need to draw for this card before I put it together. I'll be posting updates with where I am at on this card design on Twitter. Next thing I'm going to be drawing is honeycomb!!

EDIT: May 2014
This design is now up for sale on my Zazzle Store: LINK
The store has a wide variety of products such as cushions, greeting cards, keychains and phone cases. 

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