Monday, 16 May 2011

Wu Xing Sketches

Sorry this blog has been lacking in posts recently, I have been working really hard for my final major project. But I have 5 minutes spare to show you what I've been upto. My final major project is on Wu Xing, the Chinese movements..or elements as we would call them in the Western world. There are five all together; Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal and Water. I'm doing an image for each. Each of the movements have their own things associated with them and I have have tried to include that in each image.

These are almost finished sketches:

Metal- Its heavenly creature is the White Tiger.
Water- Its heavenly creature is the Black Tortoise, which is a tortoise and a snake riding its back.
Fire- Its heavenly creature is the Vermillon Bird.

Two more to do this evening. PHEW. Alot of work and research have gone into this project so hopefully the finals will come out how I want them to!!!!
If you want to know more about Wu XIng I would highly suggest you google it, it is an extremely interesting topic.

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