Monday, 2 May 2011

Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE) 2011

So I was at BABE (If you don't know what BABE is I highly suggest you google it :D) this weekend on Saturday to sell some of my work that was at the event for both the Saturday and the Sunday. I had a really good time and I even managed to sell some of my work! I won't know the exact figures till tomorrow, but it has made me extremely happy to know that complete strangers like my work.

For BABE I decided to make necklaces with my illustrations in them. These took forever to make, and a lot of trial and error went into them. I even made the boxes entirely by hand and the velvet cushions on which they were presented. I also decided to put together some 'goodie bags' that contained one high quality 8 x 10 photographic print of 'Prepubescent', a postcard of 'Zara' and a keyring with one of either 'Prepubescent' or 'Zara'.

Photograph by Alistair Nimmo

I had such a good time whilst I was there, and all the work that was at BABE was gorgeous. I definitely want to do it again in two years time, so I'll have to get the cogs turning for what I'll want to make in two years time :)

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