Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Started Drawing Again!

Things have been pretty crazy these past few months. I've moved house, so imagine all the craziness involved with that and I hope you understand why I haven't been that active!

I'm currently drawing a birthday present for my mum. She asked me for a blue alien girl and off I went all inspired and ready to go. It's been quite a while since I picked up a pencil, and I didn't realise quite how much I missed it. The repetitive strokes, getting the shading just right and choosing the perfect colours. I feel like a piece of my life has clicked back into place, and I now have so many ideas that I want to execute.

Here is where I am upto so far with the alien girl piece:

She doesn't have a name yet, I'm still waiting for some inspiration to hit me. Since I've started drawing again I have started an Instagram profile! I usually post daily updates of where I am up to, or inspiration I see in my daily life. If you would like to follow me my username is natashahuttonart. I'll probably update this blog about once a week, and it'll be a more indepth update on where I am than any of my other social media sites.


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